Tribes need Shelter Before this Monsoon starts

In Near Chenglepetu 37 tribal communities were provided settlement site. These people were previously in Tiruporur near villages. Continued petition to the District Collector for permanent Shelter and House pattas, The Government also considered their request and provided 2 cents of land now in July 2022 to 37 tribes. Presently they are constructing temporary shelters with tarpaulin sheets and the monsoon is nearing and we don’t know how these families will manage the rain and winds. There is no electricity, Road, and water ways to go out from the community. We are open up for resources to build temporary/ permanent shelters to them.. write to us:


Sanitation Units -Constructing Household Toilets

IRDRP completed constructing 50 New House Hold Toilets and 50 repaired toilets in Melathur, Dharkast, Nangathur villages. Its all now operational. We prevented Open Defecation practices in Rural population. It impacted women on equal rights, dignity to women and girls. It also helped to prevented communicable diseases through water and flies.

We also installed community Reverse Osmosis Water Plant in three villages Aadhanur in Kanchipuram District, Kommedu and Nangathur in Villupuram district. Main aim of providing safe and clean water to rural people.